Prison Publications, Inc., was organized in 2008.  Our CEO is a Registered Nurse. She was a Correctional Head Nurse (CHN)  for many years until her retirement in '08. She still receives cards and letters from inmates she cared for over the years.  Our Vice President is retired NYCDOC Captain, and finally our third principal is a Disabled Combat Veteran. We are proudly thus, a Woman owned, and Disabled Veteran owned company.


Until early 2013, the bulk of our business consisted of direct sales of books to prison inmates. We offer gently used books very low prices. Shipping products, particularly books to prison inmates is not uncomplicated. Many vendors try it, and almost as many go away frustrated for their efforts. First and foremost to sell books to prison inmate populations in virtually every DOC, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons, a company must be a Licensed Book Dealer in their home state. Every correctional system, and in fact, prisons within a system have their own rules for what books they will accept and what is rejectable. The type and manner of acceptable packaging varies from state to state. In some states an adhesive shipping label affixed to the package will result in rejection of the entire package. More than a certain number of books in a package (varies by DOC) is also cause for rejection. A simple metal clasp on an envelope, or a staple will cause a package to be returned from some facilities. The list of thou shalts, and thou shalt nots is virtually endless, and keeps on changing. As a result, we are chasers, and constantly updating our file servers to accept the changes, and assure that the books we send get to the inmate for whom intended. 


In early 2013 we formed a division that sells gently used books to correctional and other facilities. Simultaneously, we created a retail presence. Over the past four years our Internet retail sales have increased substantially. We presently ship a combined total of almost 250,000 Books annually. We  pride ourselves in shipping orders within 24 hours of receipt; often sooner. Our customer service people are first rate, and truly sensitive to the needs of our purchasers.  


We recognize that we exist by reason of you our customer, and we endeavor to do everything possible to create a trouble free purchasing experience.  


We thank you for helping us to achieve the successes we have enjoyed to date, and we look forward to serving your future needs.