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Last to Know: A Novel

By: Adler, Elizabeth

Price: $4.25


Seller ID: RWARE0000011283

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Wild Inferno

By: Ault, Sandi

Price: $5.95

Seller ID: RWARE0000010412

Wild Indigo introduced rough and ready Bureau of Land Management agent Jamaica Wild. Now she returns-deployed to a wildfire on the Southern Ute reservation, where a puzzling plea whispered by a burning man points to a mystery more menacing than murder. View more info

Image for First Family

First Family

By: Baldacci, David

Price: $4.25


Seller ID: RWARE0000010500

Watch King & Maxwell, TNT's new series based on David Baldacci's blockbuster novels, on Mondays at 10 p.m. (ET/PT) Following the instant #1 New York Times bestsellers Split Second, Hour Game, and Simple Genius, Sean King and Michelle Maxwell return in David Baldacci's most heart-pounding thriller to date . . . FIRST FAMILYA daring kidnapping turns a children's birthday party at Camp David, the presidential retreat, into a national security nightmare.Forme... View more info

Image for Carved in Bone: A Body Farm Novel

Carved in Bone: A Body Farm Novel

By: Bass, Dr. Bill

Price: $6.00


Seller ID: RWARE0000008729

On the campus of the University of Tennessee lies a patch of ground unlike any in the world. The "Body Farm" is a place where human corpses are left to the elements, and every manner of decay is fully explored -- for the sake of science and the cause of justice. The scientist who created the Body Farm has broken cold cases and revolutionized forensics, and now, in this heart-stopping novel, he spins an astonishing tale inspired by his own experiences.A woman's corp... View more info

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Flesh and Bone

By: Bass, Jefferson

Price: $5.50

Seller ID: RWARE0000008045

Dr. Bill Brockton, the founder of the world-famous Body Farm, is hard at work on a troubling new case. A young man's battered body has been found in nearby Chattanooga, and it's up to the talented Dr. Brockton to assemble the pieces of the forensic puzzle. Brockton is brought into the case by the rising star of the state's mechanical examiners, Jess Carter.Just as they're on the verge of breaking the case open, events take a terrifying turn. Brockton has re-created... View more info

Biggie and the Poisoned Politician

By: Bell, Nancy

Price: $4.00

Seller ID: RWARE0000008380

In the small town of Job's Crossing a nosy mailman who opens the mail, reads it all, and broadcasts the contents to the rest of the people on his route -- more or less, the whole town -- puts himself seriously at risk, and it isn't long before he suffers the consequences. When young J.R. stumbles upon the mailman's body, and an incipient militia group begins to make trouble, J.R.'s grandmother, the irrepressible Biggie, decides that the Police Chief needs help to find th... View more info

Hostile Witness

By: Berman, Richard

Price: $4.00

Seller ID: RWARE0000010515

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Image for The Sins of the Fathers

The Sins of the Fathers

By: Block, Lawrence

Price: $4.00

Publisher: AVON BOOKS:

Seller ID: RWARE0000003521

The pretty young prostitute is dead. Her alleged murderer--a minister's son--hanged himself in his jail cell. The case is closed. But the dead girl's fatherhas come to Matthew Scudder for answers, sending the unlicensed private investigator in search of terrible truths about a life that was lived and lost in a sordid world of perversion and pleasures. View more info

Burglars Can't Be Choosers: A Bernie Rhodenbarr Mystery

By: Block, Lawrence

Price: $4.00

Seller ID: RWARE0000008955

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A Long Line of Dead Men

By: Block, Lawrence

Price: $4.00

Seller ID: RWARE0000009152

An ancient brotherhood meets annually in the back room of a swank Manhattan restuarant, a fraternity created in secret to celebrate life by celebrating its dead. But the past three decades have not been kind to the Club of 31. Matthew Scudder -- ex-cop, ex-boozer -- has known death in all its guises, which is why he as been asked to investigate a baffling, thirty-year run of suicides and suspiciously random accidents that has thinned the ranks of this very select group o... View more info

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By: Bolton, Sharon

Price: $7.25


Seller ID: RWARE0000009164

Like everyone reading the newspapers these days, 10-year-old Barney Roberts knows the killer will strike again soon. The victim will be another boy, just like him. The body will be drained of blood, and left somewhere on a Thames beach. There will be no clues for London detectives Dana Tulloch and Mark Joesbury to find. There will be no warning about who will be next. There will be no real reason for Barney's friend and neighbor, Lacey Flint, on leave from her job as ... View more info

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Breaking Point

By: Box, C. J.

Price: $4.50


Seller ID: RWARE0000008699

Joe Pickett always liked Butch Roberson--a hardworking local business-owner whose daughter is friends with his own. Little does he know that when Butch says he is heading into the mountains to scout elk, he is actually going on the run. Two EPA employees have been murdered, and all signs point to Butch as the killer. Soon, Joe hears of the land Butch and his wife had bought to retire on--until they are told the EPA declared it a wetland--and the penalties they charg... View more info

To Ruin A Queen: An Ursula Blanchard Mystery at Queen Elizabeth I's Court

By: Buckley, Fiona

Price: $3.75

Seller ID: RWARE0000007781

The fourth novel in the fascinating series featuring Ursula Blanchard, loyal subject of Queen Elizabeth I and sleuth extraordinaire, finds our heroine torn between love and duty as she investigates treason of the highest order."To Ruin a QueenDesperately missing her young daughter and bitterly homesick for England, Ursula Blanchard is struggling to build a new life in France with her husband, Matthew de la Roche. Ursula is devastated when she learns her beloved Meg... View more info

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A Morning For Flamingos

By: Burke, James Lee

Price: $4.25

Seller ID: RWARE0000010997

Clutching the shards, of his shattered life, Cajun detective Dave Robicheaux has rejoined the New lberia police force.His partner is dead -- slain during a condemned prisoner's bloodyflight to freedom that left Robicheaux critically wounded...and reawakened the ghost of his haunted, violent past.Now he's trailing a killer into the sordid head of die Big Easy-caught up in the lethal undercurrents of a mob double-cross...confronting his most dangerous enemy: himse... View more info

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Deadly Threads

By: Cleland, Jane K.

Price: $4.50

Seller ID: RWARE0000008526

Fashions fade, but death is eternal in "Deadly Threads--"Agatha finalist Jane K. Cleland's irresistible new blend of vintage and vengeance. Josie Prescott has begun hosting classes at her antiques and appraisals shop, nestled in the cozy little coastal town of Rocky Point, New Hampshire. The next class is on building a great vintage clothing collection. But when guest lecturer Riley Jordan is late, Josie begins class by reaching under a display table for a dazzling pair ... View more info

Image for Tug of War: A Joe Sandilands Mystery

Tug of War: A Joe Sandilands Mystery

By: Cleverly, Barbara

Price: $4.76

Publisher: DELTA:

Seller ID: RWARE0000008634

1926. The war-ravaged vineyards of France. In this masterpiece of suspense from CWA Historical Dagger Award-winner Barbara Cleverly, a nameless soldier plunges Scotland Yard inspector Joe Sandilands into a shifting world of deception, rage, and murder.... " "A well-earned vacation takes a sharp detour when Sandilands is called to France, where a shell-shocked patient--a tragic casualty of war--is in the throes of a violent nightmare. Trying to determine the mystery m... View more info

The Black Echo / The Black Ice

By: Connelly, Michael

Price: $4.00

Seller ID: RWARE0000008754

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Image for The Black Angel: A Charlie Parker Thriller

The Black Angel: A Charlie Parker Thriller

By: Connolly, John

Price: $4.25

Seller ID: RWARE0000008707

When a young woman disappears from the streets of New York City, ties of friendship and blood inevitably draw ingenious, tortured detective Charlie Parker into the search. Soon he discovers links to a church of bones in Eastern Europe, a 1944 slaughter at a French monastery, and to the myth of an object known as the Black Angel -- considered by evil men to be beyond priceless. But the Black Angel is not a legend. It is real. It lives. It dreams. And the mystery of its ex... View more info

Cause of Death

By: Cornwell, Patricia

Price: $3.95

Seller ID: RWARE0000008351

Dr. Kay Scarpetta plunges into the murky depths of a ship graveyard to recover the very human remains of Ted Eddings, an investigative reporter. What kind of story was Eddings chasing below the icy surface of the Elizabeth River? View more info

The Trouble With Going Home

By: Crespi, Camilla T.

Price: $3.95

Seller ID: RWARE0000009921

Simona Griffo expects chaos as usual from he eccentric family during he visit to native rome, but when she witnesses the murder of an american art student, her trip is off to an ominous start. And when the murder weapon turns out to belong to a friend, everyone-- including Simona's philandering ex-husband and her own mother-- are placed under the commissario's gimlet gaze. While plates of incomparable risotto con carciofi and focaccia soothe shattered nerves, Simona take... View more info