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Guide to the Occult (Brockhampton Reference)

By: Brockhampton

Price: $4.95

Seller ID: RWARE0000009197

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Image for The High Lord

The High Lord

By: Canavan, Trudi

Price: $4.00

Seller ID: RWARE0000007454

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Foucault's Pendulum

By: Eco, Umberto

Price: $3.95

Seller ID: RWARE0000004086

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Image for Burning Water

Burning Water

By: Lackey, Mercedes

Price: $4.00

Seller ID: RWARE0000004087

Dallas Police Detective Mark Valdez isn't just any cop, he's a psychic who knows that the cattle mutilations and torture murders he's been investigating are somehow tied together. He also knows that his meager psychic abilities aren't enough to identify the killers, much less stop them. Luckily, Mark has an ace up his sleeve: an attractive young romance novelist who happens to be a practicing witch. And not just any witch, either-Diana Tregarde is a Guardian, charged... View more info

The Book of Spirits

By: Reese, James

Price: $4.95

Seller ID: RWARE0000010017

In his first novel, the national bestselling The Book of Shadows, James Reese beguiled readers with a boldly imaginative, darkly erotic tale of awakening that introduced the captivating and deeply unusual Herculine. Now this extraordinary writer continues Herculine's incredible journey of self-discovery -- a search that will lead her into a world of shadows and perils, where she will taste the forbidden and find redemption.September 1826. Taught to trust ... and to... View more info

Image for The Devil's Labyrinth: A Novel

The Devil's Labyrinth: A Novel

By: Saul, John

Price: $3.95


Seller ID: RWARE0000004088

For more than three decades, bestselling novelist John Saul has been summoning macabre masterpieces from the darkest realms of his imagination. With each new book, his instinct for playing upon our deepest dread has grown only stronger and more sinister. He's never been afraid to push the boundaries of suspense and confront us with what frightens us most. After his father's untimely death sends fifteen-year-old Ryan McIntyre into an emotional tailspin, his mother enr... View more info

The Sisterhood

By: Stevenson, Florence

Price: $3.95

Seller ID: RWARE0000009455

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Image for Anatomy of a Haunting: The Nightmare on Baxter Road

Anatomy of a Haunting: The Nightmare on Baxter Road

By: Strong, Lee

Price: $4.50


Seller ID: RWARE0000010103

Imagine that you've inherited a house of spirits. Now imagine that the house wants you dead. For Jon and Carlie Summers, the nightmare begins when they move into an inherited home in rural Iowa. Leaving behind their busy lives in Chicago, Jon and Carlie are dragged into a horrifying spiral of violent dreams, illnesses, and possessions. Uncovering a vast evil hidden for decades in crates of buried journals, Jon and Carlie are forced to relive the sinister history of... View more info

A Dictionary of Omens and Superstitions

By: Waring, Philippa

Price: $5.25

Seller ID: RWARE0000007187

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